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Let me end / detain you

On 26 May, the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem announced it would end a decades-long policy of co-operating with the Israeli military justice system, saying it was a figleaf to legitimise the o

2,000 activists block US drones base in Germany

Human chain formed around USAF Ramstein


Workers’ upheaval in France

Air controllers & nuclear power station workers join strikes


It’s not a piece of cake...

PN celebrates 80th birthday


Trident trouble for Corbyn

Vote imminent as PN goes to press


Court grants judicial review of UK arms exports to Saudi Arabia

3-day investigation to take place next February


TP shuts bomb factory gate for a month

Red lines, sea monsters & mad hatters join month of action


Cardiff arms fair protesters face trial

Call for support for three trials


‘Until we win!’ – respecting RAFF

Kelvin Mason celebrates the Welsh campaigners at the coalface of anti-coal activism


Signs of life!

WW1 COs remembered