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Clean up the act

Supporters pay drone campaigners' fine


Machtivists on trial

Heathrow 13 found guilty


When will they ever learn?

Coal giant attempts to enclose common land



Turkey’s Kurdish peace process collapsed last summer.

Western Sahara

On 10 December, Human Rights Day, the people of Western Sahara, illegally occupied by Morocco for 40 years, won a small victory when the European Union’s court of justice (ECJ) overturned a 2012 EU

Nepal crisis

Against the backdrop of a four-month blockade of Indian imports, police shot dead three Madhesi protesters in eastern Nepal on 21 January, bringing the total number of deaths in the ethnic unrest t

Save us!

Bill Gates fun facts are presented in a retro video game, ‘Save Us, Bill Gates’.

Conserve us!

On 14 January, the Haringey council pensions committee pledged to divest its £900m pension fund from coal, and to invest one-third of its equity funds into a ‘low-carbon fund’.

Preserve us!

Down in East Sussex, after an intervention by the local anti-roads group, Combe Haven Defenders, in mid-January, Rother council suddenly postponed consideration of a planning application for a prop

Protect us!

On 19 January, US peace activist Mary Anne Grady Flores began a six-month sentence for stepping into the road next to a US drones base in New York state in 2013.