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No to arms fair

Welsh campaigners target Cardiff Arms Fair


Stop Trident!

Welsh campaigners join 60,000+ strong anti-Trident demo


MoD faces war crimes charges

Knighton residents to initiate private prosecution of Defence minister over Trident



As PN went to press, there was a pause in the Turkish government’s brutal war against Turkey’s Kurdish minority, a war that began last summer when the government terminated a two-year peac

Western Sahara

Polisario, the armed liberation movement of Western Sahara, declared in late March that its 15-year ceasefire was at risk after Morocco expelled 73 internationals who staff a UN monitoring mission

Nepal peace process

Nepal is seeing a return to repression.

World of women

Natalie Shanklin writes: From Santiago to Istanbul to Manila, thousands of women’s rights activists celebrated International Women’s Day by protesting against the oppression of women.

Slow walk to victory

Cases dropped against 20 anti-fracking protestors


Nukewatch stop bomb convoy

One-man blockade halts warhead


Many Berrigans!

Air base blockade marks death of life-long peacemaker